The Energy of Tarot

The power that lies inside the energy of the tarot cards when the visual symbolism of the cards come to life. At Astrology Energy we look at how to harness the Dominant Energy of the Tarot cards. Visual symbolism is rich within the Tarot Cards.

The Dominant Energy of the Tarot Deck

Similar to the main character in a movie, the Dominant Energy of the tarot deck could be any card indeed. Les Dionysiens tells the stories of the tarot/oracle readings for learning & entertainment purposes taking place here at Tarot Energy. Tarot de Paris and the mystical teaching of Astrology Energy and how the American Revolutionary War in 1776 inspired the mystical upheaval of France during this same period of time. Eventually the Book of Destiny, Antoine Court de Gebelin published the first documented essays on the Tarot in his multi-volume French encyclopedia Le Monde Primitif in 1787.

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